Other Important Issues - Funding for Indiana State Fair Fall Creek Pavilion/Swine Barn


Background: The Indiana State Fair is the largest public display of agriculture in the state. The Indiana State Fair Commission has created a plan that will carry the momentum of the past 25 years with new investment and revenue growth to ensure that our fairgrounds remains vibrant and relevant for future generations.


The centerpiece of the plan is the renovation of the Fall Creek Pavilion/Swine Barn. The aging open-air structure will be replaced with a multi-purpose, year-round event facility that will become a best-in-class livestock venue.


The Indiana State Fair Commission is requesting a $50 million appropriation from the Indiana General Assembly for fiscal years 2020 and 2021 to complete the entire Fall Creek Pavilion/Swine Barn Project. The appropriated funding will be used to construct the new 140,000 square foot Swine Barn/Fall Creek Pavilion, demolish and relocate the old Public Safety Center, renovate the Communications Building to put all professional staff in one building, and relocate the maintenance and operations departments that are located underneath the existing Swine Barn. Indiana Farm Bureau policy states, “We support full funding of maintenance and improvements needed to use the fairgrounds year-round as a viable showcase for Indiana agriculture.”


 Talking Points:

  • The Indiana State Fair is the showcase of Indiana agriculture and should continue to have state support that helps it maximize its purpose for the state and its economy.
  • State support for capital projects like this request will lead to an increase in operating profits necessary to continue to improve and maintain structures throughout the fairgrounds.
  • With the updates presented in the plan, the Indiana State Fair will be able to generate a nearly $2 million operating surplus to be used to fund continued facility improvements and capital projects.
  • The broader economic impact is exponential with improved facilities that attract and retain events to be hosted at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, especially ones like the National FFA Convention, which was recently announced to stay in Indiana through 2031.


Key Message/ Ask:

Indiana Farm Bureau supports the General Assembly fully funding the request of the Indiana State Fair Commission for the next biennium of $50 million to complete a new Fall Creek Pavilion/Swine Barn.


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