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Indiana is the number one duck producing state in the United States; California and Pennsylvania round out the top three producing states. Total, nearly 31 million ducks are grown in the U.S. each year, which are mostly exported to Asian countries. There are many different breeds of duck, each with their own characteristics. White Pekin ducks are the most popular breed of duck raised in Indiana, and across the U.S., because their meat is more tender and has a less gamey, or wild, taste. Other breeds of ducks are Muscovy, Moulard and Mallard. In addition to being raised for meat, ducks can also be raised for their feathers – which fill down coats, pillows and comforters.

Source: Source: Maple Leaf Farms; Ag MRC

  • Duck Vocabulary:

    • Duck: is singluar
    • Ducks: in plural
    • Duck/Hen: adult female duck
    • Drake: adult male duck
    • Duckling: young (baby) duck
    • Foie gras: French for 'fat liver' and is a food product made form the liver of a duck or goose that has been specifically fattened.

  • Duck Facts:

    As with chickens, there are meat, egg and exhibition breeds of ducks. Some of the egg-laying breeds can lay more eggs per year than many chicken breeds. Some of the meat breeds of ducks are also used to produce foie gras, which is a delicacy made from the fatty liver of ducks or geese.

  • Duck Breed:

    All the different breeds of ducks (except for Muscovy) are descendant from the wild mallard. This is based on the presence of the sex-feather in the tails of the male domesticated duck breeds. The mallard is the only wild duck that has this type of tail feather.

Common Breeds

Anacona Duck

Anacona Duck excellent choice for a domestic egg-laying and meat producing duck is a rare breed which was introduced into the U.S. in 1984 from England.

White Pekin Ducks

White Pekin Ducks most common duck in the U.S. is the White Pekin, also called the Long Island Duck.

Runner Ducks

Runner Ducks pleasant companions and entertain you daily while providing pest control, manure for your soil, meat, eggs, down and feathers, and left-over grease.

Malard Ducks

Mallard Ducks "Wild Duck" is the ancestor of most all domestic ducks except for the Muscovy and American Black duck.

Buff Orpington Duck

Buff Orpington Ducks large dual purpose breed is an especially attractive good egg layer and table duck.

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