Volunteer Recognition Program

The Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) recognition program is designed to encourage volunteerism and recognize those who make the commitment to educate students in grades pre-K (ages 4 and 5 only) through grade 12 about the important roles that agriculture plays in everyday life.  If you have been involved in education efforts, Indiana AITC is interested in knowing about your activities. 

Please provide us with information regarding your time spent acting as a resource to teachers, in classrooms, at before-or-after-school programs, youth clubs and organizations, etc. 

Logging your hours spent with teachers and the number of classroom visits supports Indiana Farm Bureau’s efforts to enhance the image of the Agriculture in the Classroom program.  Also, by providing this information, you are enabling Indiana Farm Bureau to provide an accurate picture of Indiana’s AITC program to the national AITC organization and the USDA.  Locally, we tabulate the information collected from our network of volunteers to apply for grants, promote the program to schools state-wide, as well as recruit new AITC volunteers.

To be eligible for the Agriculture in the Classroom volunteer recognition program, the volunteer must abide by the following:
  • Be a current dues paying Indiana Farm Bureau member.
  • Be an active AITC volunteer (See next section for definition of active volunteer).
  • Submit a signed AITC Volunteer Code of Conduct to the Indiana Farm Bureau education coordinator.
  • Participate in an AITC orientation/training that has been documented by Indiana Farm Bureau home office staff (anniversary date recorded).
  • Submit volunteer presentation report form (online or paper copy) by the deadline specified for that year’s program.
An ACTIVE volunteer is defined as: 
  • Presents at least one AITC presentation during the calendar year (January – December).  
    • The presentation can be to a classroom of students or group of children in grades pre-K (ages 4 and 5) through grade 12 who are participating in a club or organization such as 4-H or Boy Scouts; or, participate in a county Farm Bureau affiliated event where the target audience is children and teens in grades pre-K (ages 4 and 5) through grade 12.
  • Submit activity record sheet (online or paper copy) documenting that he/she presented to a group of students or children.
  • Has a signed code of conduct and volunteer registration worksheet that is up-to-date and on file with the Indiana Farm Bureau education coordinator.
A volunteer will be deemed INACTIVE if he/she:
  • Fails to submit a signed code of conduct.
  • Fails to submit volunteer record(s) for classroom or event presentation(s) conducted during the calendar year.  
  • Violates the Indiana Agriculture in the Classroom code of conduct.