Food Policy Advisory Group Survey

Indiana Farm Bureau is working with a group of members and elected officials to enhance opportunities for local and direct-to-consumer food sales. We need your help.   

Please identify regulations or interpretations of regulations that have limited your ability to sell directly to consumers. Please provide as much information as possible about the issue and which agency or entity, including county if it is a local issue, who made the determination. Providing that information will help us identify the best strategy to seek changes.   

We are also interested in challenges beyond regulations that limit your ability to engage in food production and sell directly to consumers.

Feel free to share this opportunity to provide input to individuals you know who are interested in local food issues.

Name and contact information is for follow up by INFB staff and will be used internally only. Personal information will not be shared with government agencies or publicly.

Please check all issues you have faced as a producer of food products.

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