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January 28, 2014

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Farmers need to help other farmers during propane crisis

Indiana is suffering through another brutally cold stretch of weather. Rural Hoosiers, including livestock farmers who are trying to keep their animals safe, are feeling the pinch of dwindling propane supplies.

Indiana Farm Bureau is encouraging its members to do what farmers have always done in times of trouble – reach out across the fencerow and help out a neighbor. Grain farmers who use propane for grain drying are urged to check their tanks for any residual fuel. If there is propane left from last fall’s drying season, contact your neighbors with livestock barns to see if they are in need. If your neighbors don’t need it, contact your local propane supplier to see about getting any extra fuel back into the supply chain. There is definitely someone who can use it.

Young chicks, poults and baby pigs are especially susceptible to the harsh cold our state has been experiencing. Without propane to keep barns warm, livestock farmers will lose animals. In the dairy sector, there won’t be hot water to sanitize equipment and tanks.

In this time of crisis, Indiana Farm Bureau strongly encourages farmers who have propane to share what they can with those who don’t.

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