Member Input Needed on Proposed Soil Productivity Ratings

On November 13, the Commission on State Tax and Financing Policy accepted a report on proposed soil productivity factors (rankings or ratings) that was presented by the Department of Local Government Finance and Purdue University. The joint report was done in response to SB 319-2013 that delayed for a second time new soil productivity factors that were issued by the DLGF in February 2012. The report reveals soil productivity factors produced by the Diderickson model. This model was used 35 years ago to arrive at the original soil productivity factors that were first implemented in 1980 to value farmland for property tax purposes.

Since the results of the study show more variation than was originally predicted, the findings are being reviewed by Purdue. Review by farmers across the state is definitely in order.

Farmer members are asked to review soil type data for the counties in which they farm to look for trends in the changes to predicted yields and resultant soil productivity rankings/ratings. Insight about specific soil types – like “sandy soil XXX looks to have increased too much because our yields do not reflect this increase without irrigation” or “management technique xxx are responsible for increased yields in YYY soil type.”

Please to email specific comments to PPT@infarmbureau.org.

Soil Type by Counties

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