Leadership Incentive Program


In 2006 the State Women’s Committee introduced the Leadership Incentive Program.  This program is designed to promote and reward leadership for county woman leaders.  The program runs January through December, with awards being given at Spring Conference each year.  If there is any instance where a new county woman leader is elected mid year, the woman in office in January completes the program for the year.  (example: Jane is county woman leader January to April, in April Beth is elected.  Jane may turn in her points for those 4 months and Beth must wait till the next January to start the program.)

The County Woman Leader with the highest points accumulated will be awarded with a trip to Washington D.C. with a group from Farm Bureau sometime during the following year.  Should more than one woman achieve that same high number, a drawing will be held with the runners up being awarded a gift card.


The Leadership Incentive Program will institute new incentives for county woman leaders in 2014.

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