Safety Tips

Pinch points should be shielded on farm machinery. If they are not they can pull hands, hair and clothing into the pinch point and the person can be injured. Always replace guards and shields.


Slips and falls are responsible for many farm workplace injuries. They become immensely more dangerous around equipment. The potential for slips and falls can be greatly reduced by using good judgment and practicing good housekeeping on and around equipment.


Horse safety
Most serious injuries to equestrians are caused by being separated from (propelled from or fall off) the horse while riding or by falling with the horse.


When transporting large round bales, try to keep the bale on the up-side of the tractor. This will provide the best stability for the tractor to prevent an overturn.


Never try to stop a rolling bale, even with a tractor. A bale gains momentum as it moves. You wouldn't try to stop a car free-wheeling down a hill, likewise, don't try to stop a large round bale.


Stack bales on the wagon in alternate layers to give more stability to the stack and better footing. Don't permit anyone to ride on top of the bales.


Keep the bales low to maintain balance. Traveling over rough ground, stumps, or ruts can cause a tractor carrying a large round bale to overturn.


Hot day safety
Giving off excess body heat becomes more difficult when the humidity is high. Sweating does not cool the body unless the moisture evaporates. High humidity retards evaporation. Since humid air contains a high percentage of moisture it cannot easily absorb more. Wiping sweat with a cloth also prevents cooling from evaporation.


Accidents are more frequent in the heat because physical performance and mental alertness are lowered. Increased body temperature and physical discomfort promote irritability, anger, and other emotional states which could cause workers to act rash, careless, or distract them from hazardous tasks. A worker's psychological state usually will have a substantial effect on safe performance.


Cut grass on slopes carefully, so you don't slip, fall, or overturn the mower and come in contact with the spinning blade. That means you should push a walk-behind mower across slopes.


Designate a play area
Please have a designated area for children to play in that is away from machinery, livestock and chemicals. Playing on the farm should be both fun and safe!


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