"Where Pork Comes From”

Where Pork Comes From is part of the curriculum in Indiana Farm Bureau's “Farming the Classroom” programs, or can stand alone as a lesson plan. The teacher's guide provides educators flexibility in deciding how to incorporate the program into their class. Students will hear about...

“Pig Tales! True Facts About Pigs!”

Fact: Pork is part of a healthy, balanced diet. Where Pork Comes From explains to students how pork meets USDA nutritional guidelines. Pork is good and good for you!

Fact: Pork is leaner today than ever before! Where Pork Comes From shows students hogs of yesteryear and how the animals have changed to grow leaner today.

Fact: Pork is responsible for many jobs. Pork producers are not the only people who make their living from pork. Where Pork Comes From illustrates that many other jobs rely on pork production, too.

Fact: Pork produces many other products in addition to food. Where Pork Comes From reveals a number of products are made from pork. Some of these products we use every day.

To order Where Pork Comes From contact: Indiana Farm Bureau Inc., Women's Division, P.O. Box 1290, Indianapolis, IN 46206-1290, (317) 692-7830 or complete the electronic form.
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