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Please stay and play some games. They are fun ways to learn about agriculture. There are games for all people. If you want to play games later there are activity sheets that you can print off and color or solve. IF-Bee would also like to thank you for visiting him. Please stay as long as you want.
Farm Safety
It is very important to be safe on or around a farm. Drop and drag game about Farm Safety.
Name this Agriculture
Do you know what different parts of agriculture are called? Match the names of agriculture to the correct picture.
Food Pyramid
Do you know what you should be eating every day. Play this game to test your knowledge.
Learn about steers from this riddle.
Pizza For You!!
This is a fill in the blank pizza quiz to test your knowledge of the pizza you eat.
What Pork makes
What other products does pork make besides food? find out with this game.
Popcorn Quiz
This is a short quiz about the popcorn you eat.
What Makes a Pizza
Match what agriculture product makes each kind of pizza ingredient. 
All the words in this hangman game are related to agriculture.
Cross-word puzzle
Are you good with words? This crossword puzzle is about agricultural products that make up a pizza.
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