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December 5, 2011 

For more information: Katrina Hall, 317-692-7805 

Kathleen Dutro, 317-692-7824, kdutro@infarmbureau.org   

Cannelton 5th-grade teacher to be honored as Rural Teacher of the Year 

Joan Goble, who teaches science, social studies, language arts and math to fifth graders in Cannelton, has been named Indiana’s Rural Teacher of the Year. 

She will be recognized at the Indiana Farm Bureau state convention on Dec. 9 during the event’s opening luncheon. 

She has taught in at Myers Elementary, a 143-year-old elementary school Cannelton, all 31 years of her career. More than a decade ago, she launched a Media Club which includes teaching students how to develop and design websites about specific, student-researched topics. 

A 2003 research project about moon trees – trees grown from seeds that traveled to the moon and back on Apollo 14 – resulted in Goble and the Media Club traveling from their tiny river town of 2,000 residents all the way to Arlington Cemetery. Their website caught the attention of Christopher Roosa, son of the late Stuart Roosa, a crew member of Apollo 14. He invited them to participate in a moon tree dedication at Arlington Cemetery, honoring the astronauts. 

As Indiana Rural Teacher of the year, Goble receives a $1,000 prize sponsored by Indiana Farm Bureau. With a teacher from Montana, she was recognized as co-second runner up at the National Rural Teacher of the Year competition held in October in Hilton Head, South Carolina.