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Protect your assets with the Farm Safety Program

—By Amy Kraft
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

In March 2010 Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance launched its fire extinguisher program as part of the company’s farm safety program.

A 10-pound ABC fire extinguisher is given to any IFBI insured farm during its Individual Risk Premium Modification review. To date, IFBI has given out nearly 1,000 fire extinguishers.

“The program was designed to help members avoid fire claims, one of the hazards of farming,” said Jim Rink, Farm/Crop/Bank director.

Farm-Crop-Bank manager Bob Knuckles visited insurance client Bob Lee’s farm in Wells County to conduct Lee’s review.

“Bob is very safety conscious anyway,” said Knuckles. “He asked if he could have three fire extinguishers for his barns because he already had one installed in his tractor, so we gave them to him.” Lee had also purchased several more extinguishers from IFBI previously.

That move was fortuitous for all IFBI clients. Two weeks later, Lee was out in the field and noticed smoke rising from one of his hog barns. He immediately called the fire department and went to work trying to put the fire out.

He used all the fire extinguishers IFBI provided him and was able to almost extinguish the flames before the fire department arrived.

The barns were insured for $1 million, the hogs themselves for another half million, and the other structures for an additional $300,000. The claim came to less than $26,000. The state fire marshal noted that the use of fire extinguishers saved the building.

The fire extinguisher program has been extremely successful. $6.1 million has been saved in claims since the 2010 launch.

Any Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance farm policy client who qualifies for an Individual Risk Premium Modification review by a farm/crop specialist is eligible for the fire extinguisher program. Your farm/crop specialist will contact you and your agent to schedule your Individual Risk Premium Modification review. For more information on the Fire Extinguisher program, contact Kari Greiwe at or 317-692-7406.

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