Why Advocate for Agriculture

Farm Bureau members are encouraged to be actively engaged in the public policy and political process to ensure that the voice of agriculture is heard. Our members must build and maintain good working relationships with their elected officials at all levels of government to make sure rural interests are protected.

Report Contacts with Legislators

Please share the contacts you make with elected officials and legislators so we can be more effective for you. Use this report form for in-person meetings, farm tours, third house meetings, town hall meetings and letters.

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Log-in to www.ifbtakeaction.org to send an email or call your elected officials

Policy Development

What is policy development? Policy development is an activity where Farm Bureau members discuss local, state and national issues that are important to agriculture. Through this process, our positions and policies on various topics are defined and prioritized by the voting members of our organization.

Indiana Farm Bureau members engage in the policy development process and set the direction for the organization every year. Countless hours are spent by volunteers thinking how policies can work to improve agriculture and rural Indiana. In order for that process to be the most effective, it is critical that Indiana Farm Bureau members also work to implement the policies that are passed at the county, state and national levels.


Political Engagement

Indiana Farm Bureau is a general farm organization dedicated to influencing public policy on behalf of our members. Some of our most influential activities involve candidate surfacing, candidate training and candidate support activities. Our organization helps members identify electable candidates at all levels of government service, and then offers programs to help those candidates get elected.

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