Farm Bill Resources

Christmas tree checkoff program off to a slow start

The 2014 farm bill included a provision for a new checkoff organization. This holiday season will mark the first time that large producers and importers of fresh-cut Christmas trees will be assessed 15 cents per tree.

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November farm bill meetings to focus on web tools, dairy program

A one-day workshop that will include demonstrations and training on web-based decision tools with presentations on the 2014 farm bill farm programs will be held Nov. 17 in Indianapolis.

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Farm Bureau, other groups to host series of farm bill meetings

A broad coalition of ag groups, including Farm Bureau, is partnering with the USDA’s Indiana Farm Service Agency and Purdue University Extension Service to host a series of informational meetings in December and January on programs offered under the new farm bill.

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American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Farm Bill Resource Center

AFBF materials and videos to help farmers, landowners, and other stakeholders better understand the provisions and programs of the 2014 Farm Bill.

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University of Illinois farmdoc Webinars on Farm Bill Decision Aids and Programs

Introduction and overview of the decision making tools available to farmers and other key farm program details. Example farm scenarios are provided to explain and compare the three farm program options: ARC-C, ARC-I, PLC (including SCO).

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Farm Bill Toolbox Website

Web-based decision tool, Agriculture Policy Analysis System (APAS) brought to you by a coalition of land-grant university partners via USDA funding.

(note: members are encouraged to review the Farm Bureau and/or farmdoc webinar series on farm bill decision aids and program options prior to completing the Farm Bill Toolbox exercise for their individual farms.)

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USDA Farm Bill Resources

To help farmers choose between ARC and PLC, the USDA helped create online tools that allow farmers to enter information about their operation and see projections about what each program will mean for them under possible future scenarios. This website also offers various publications, resources, and updates regarding key dates and farm bill implementation activities.

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