The Public Policy Team assists members with local, state and national government issues. Members of this team lobby elected and appointed leaders on behalf of our members. The team also helps guide the development and implementation of Farm Bureau policy.

Purpose of Indiana Farm Bureau

The purpose of Indiana Farm Bureau is to be an effective advocate for farmers and through its policies and programs, promote agriculture and improve the economic and social welfare of member families.

Farm Bureau Objectives

Indiana Farm Bureau is a voluntary membership organization that promotes agriculture and the free enterprise system.

The philosophy, educational programs and economic services are designed to improve the quality of life for members.

Indiana Farm Bureau stands for:

  • The private enterprise system.
  • Preservation of property rights.
  • A balanced federal budget.
  • Constitutional government.
  • Individual citizenship responsibility.
  • Higher net farm income.
  • Organized voice without government intervention.
  • Resource conservation and environmental enhancement.
  • Strong public education.
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