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FROM: Dale Moore, Executive Director, Public Policy 
CC: President Stallman
Julie Anna Potts, Executive Vice President  

  1. House Debates Agriculture Appropriations Bill


  1. Majority Leader’s Primary and the Impact on Immigration Reform
  2. President Stallman Testifies on Waters of the U.S. Rule  

House Debates Agriculture Appropriations Bill


Last night, the House Rules Committee voted to bring the Fiscal Year 2015 agriculture appropriations bill to floor under a modified open rule.  This means that amendments can be offered from the floor if they are in line with House rules and preference will be given to amendments that are preprinted in the Congressional Record.  

Floor action is expected to start this afternoon.  AFBF’s letter to the House is attached.  AFBF’s position on all amendments that AFBF is aware of is also attached. 

There is one change to the early Urgent Action PPB.  AFBF now opposes the Bridenstine (Okla.) “Milk Order” amendment.  Additional and clarifying information has come to our attention regarding this amendment after the Urgent PPB was sent.   

The amendment prevents USDA from implementing the final rule which amends the producer-handler definitions of all Federal milk marketing orders to limit exemption from pooling and pricing provisions to those with total route disposition and sales of packaged fluid milk products to other plants of 3 million pounds or less per month. The exempt plant definition will continue to limit disposition of Class I milk products to 150,000 pounds or less per month. A referendum was held and the required number of producers approved the issuance of the orders as amended. 

AFBF Policy #238, Line 1.30:

We support the producer/handler exemption being limited in all Federal Milk Marketing Orders to 3 million pounds per month to protect other pool producer members from unfair competition, but do not support its elimination. 


State Farm Bureaus are asked to contact their representatives regarding the listed amendments in the AFBF letter. 

(Attachment: v:\stm\approps-house14.0611; v:\ppb\approps-house14a.0611)

Contact: RJ Karney, 202-406-3669, ronaldk@fb.org  

Majority Leader’s Primary and the Impact on Immigration Reform


Yesterday in the Virginia primary election, Dave Brat defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  This event has engendered questions and media speculation regarding the impact it will have on the possibility of addressing immigration reform this year.


Farm Bureau remains committed to moving immigration reform this year in the House of Representatives.  There are numerous factors in any race result and Mr. Cantor’s own opponent has stated the win was “more than” immigration.  While there is no question this result has repercussions within the leadership of the House of Representatives, the path to passing immigration reform legislation remains clear, and the fundamental dynamics around immigration reform remain unchanged.   We will be monitoring the situation very closely, providing updates to state Farm Bureaus as they are available, and continuing to press strongly for House consideration of immigration reform in the weeks ahead.  

Contact: Kristi Boswell, kristib@fb.org, 202-406-3675 

President Stallman Testifies on Waters of the U.S. Rule 


Today, President Stallman testified before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Subcommittee on Water Resources and Development at their hearing entitled “Potential Impacts of Proposed Changes to the Clean Water Act Jurisdiction Rule.”  


This hearing was an important opportunity to share with Congress the problems that the proposed rule creates for farmers and ranchers. 

Attached is a copy of both President Stallman’s written testimony, which was submitted for the record, and the testimony which he presented to the committee orally this morning.  Both statements serve as valuable resource documents on EPA’s proposed rule.  They also contain important messaging and specific examples of how we expect EPA’s expanded regulation will impact farmers and ranchers.     

(Attachment: cwa-testimony-stallman14.0611; cwa-testimony14a.0611)

Contact: Don Parrish 202-406-3667, donp@fb.org; or Danielle Quist 202-406-3618, danielleq@fb.org

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