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Farm Bureau ELECT successful in the 2014 primary

—By Kathleen M. Dutro
Public Relations Team

Farm Bureau ELECT (Indiana Farm Bureau’s political action committee) made endorsements this year in three congressional primaries and 12 Statehouse primary races, and the ELECT-endorsed candidate was successful in all but four of those races. 

“We won in 73 percent of the races, which is pretty good for hotly contested primary races,” said Megan Ritter, IFB director of public policy, who coordinates ELECT activities. 

“Congratulations to the farmers and members in these districts who worked hard to be involved in the primary last night and select the candidate that would support agriculture and Farm Bureau policies,” Ritter said. “Our staff and members put significant time into evaluating these races for agriculture and their work should be commended.” 

Here are the full results.

  • Rep. Susan Brooks, Congressional District 5 – won. 
  • Rep. Larry Bucshon, Congressional District 8 – won. 
  • Rep. Todd Young, Congressional District 9 – won. 
  • Rick Niemeyer, Indiana Senate 6 – won. 
  • Ken Fries, Indiana Senate 15 – lost. 
  • R. Bruce Wissel, Indiana Senate 27 – lost. 
  • Chip Perfect, Indiana Senate 43 – won. 
  • Mark Messmer, Indiana Senate 48 – won. 
  • Rebecca Kubacki, Indiana House 22 – lost. 
  • Don Lehe, Indiana House 25 – won. 
  • Jerry Torr, Indiana House 39 – won. 
  • Adam Bujalski, Indiana House 48 – lost. 
  • Milo Smith, Indiana House 59 – won. 
  • Mike Braun, Indiana House 63 – won. 
  • Casey Cox, Indiana House 85 – won. 

These endorsements were for the primary only. As of The Hoosier Farmer’s May 12 deadline, the ELECT Oversight Committee was scheduled to meet May 13 to begin the process for the general election. Counties will need to take action by July to be involved in the general election endorsement process. 

“We can feel good about our grassroots process and the relationships members built though the interview process,” Ritter said. 

“I know there were several other local races that members and staff were involved with and it would be great to share lessons learned and results as well,” she added.

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