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Water Resources Planning

Access to an adequate and consistent water supply is necessary to protect public health and promote economic development. While Indiana is blessed with an abundant supply of water, many parts of the state – including most of the southern half – have inadequate supplies and water must be trapped, stored and transported for use.

Limited local supplies also create conflicts between users and opposition to agricultural expansion. There is also a growing trend for local businesses or units of government to withdraw water and sell it for use in another jurisdiction, raising concern that existing water rights may be impacted. Under the guidance of the Water Resources Study Committee, efforts are underway to develop a comprehensive plan for water management.

Session goals:

  • A water resource plan is needed to ensure long-term availability to water while protecting current access for economic development needs.
  • Agriculture should be recognized as a priority user of water.
  • This should be a deliberate process to ensure that the state gets the plan done correctly, not quickly.

Nutrient Policy Advisory Group Report

The Nutrient Policy Advisory Group met on Dec. 9, 2013, to discuss ideas for implementing the nutrient management/soil health strategy developed by the agricultural organizations.

Water Resources Policy Advisory Group Report

The Water Resources Policy Advisory Group met on Aug. 21, 2013, to discuss issues related to oversight and funding of levee maintenance and reconstruction.

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