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A remedy is needed to protect the private property rights of Indiana farmers. The goal of 2014 agricultural trespass legislation would be to strengthen the criminal trespass code to protect farms from persons who enter private property of another person with the intent to harm and commit an act which results in harm. This would include expanding the scope of denial of entry for agricultural operations.

Talking points on this issue:

  • Farms and their economic viability are often harmed by trespassers.
  • Criminal trespass should be applied to those who intentionally ignore methods of restricting access or indications that agricultural operations are occurring like fences, open or closed structures, methods of cultivation or certified timber management.
  • Farmers should be afforded the same trespass protections available to homeowners – i.e. not obligated to post a sign.
  • IFB is not pursuing concepts that would create continual constitutional challenges or impair First Amendment rights.

Indiana Farm Bureau encourages the General Assembly to undertake a comprehensive re-evaluation of Indiana’s property tax system. Such a re-evaluation should consider: a fair and realistic formula for determining the base value of farmland; a cap on the annual growth or reduction of property tax on all parcels; a minimum tax on all parcels; and the elimination of the supplemental homeowner’s property tax deduction because it provides relief to those taxpayers who benefit the most from the services provided by property taxes and forces an increase in the property taxes on other property.

Property Rights Policy Advisory Group Report 

The Property Rights Policy Advisory Group is a work group of Indiana Farm Bureau members with knowledge, experience and interest in issues affecting the property rights of members. The policy advisory group is designed to investigate complicated property rights issues and provide detailed input for the policy development process. The group met on June 30, 2014, to review policy recommendations submitted by county Farm Bureaus and to review existing policy relating to property rights.

The Property Rights PAG meeting started with a presentation by Todd Janzen of Plews Shadley Racher & Braun and Sarah Doyle, the IFB summer law clerk, which summarized key federal aviation administration policy and privacy concerns related to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Group members were interested in the legality of flying a UAV over private property for the improvement of their businesses, and also in the ability of the government or neighboring UAV operators to fly a UAV over their property without their permission.

For the latest information on property tax issue, contact
Katrina Hall, Director State Government Relations
Tel: 317-692-7805 | KHall@infarmbureau.org

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